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XBD-L Vertical Single-stage Single-suction Fire pump

Technology Parameters


Lift head:5-150m;


Working Pressure:1.6Mpa

Medium temperature:80 ℃

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Product Introduction:

XBD-L-type single-stage vertical suction-fire pumping systems for non-delivery of water and solid particles of similar physical and chemical properties of liquid water use, mainly for fire protection system pressurized water pipes, could also apply to industrial and Urban water supply and drainage, water pressure high-rise building, long-distance water, heating, bathrooms, boilers and well-being of the water cycle, pressurized water and air-conditioning cooling systems and other equipment supporting occasions. The Division produced XBD-L-fire pumps its performance, technical requirements in line with the state promulgated the new GB6245-1998 "fire pump performance requirements and test methods," the requirements of the standard, products and equipment by the State Quality Supervision and fire detection centre tested, access Shanghai fire products recognized certificates.

Type Designation:

XBD 3.2/5-65L-160A

XBD – Fire Pump code

3.2 –Designed pressure (1/10MPa)

5 – Designed flow(L/S)

65 – Diameter of pump outlet and inlet(mm)

L – For the vertical structure

160 –Nominal diameter of impeller(mm)

A – Primary cutting of the impeller

Technology Parameters:


Lift head:5-150m;


Working Pressure:1.6Mpa

Medium temperature:80

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