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Vertical Three Screw Pump

Technical parameter: 
Flow: 0.4m3/h~200m3/h 
Discharge pressure: 0.4Mpa~6Mpa 
Speed: 720rpm~2900rpm 
Temperature: 0 deg C to 150 deg C.

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This series three screw pump applies to deliver clean and non-corrosive medium which has lubricating property at temperature below 150 centigrade with the viscosity of 3-760cst, The pump's working pressure range form 0.4Mpa to 6.0Mpa and flow capacity range from 0.4m3/h to 200m3/h.

(1)Medium is delivered in axial direction continuously without agitation and pulsation.
(2)Small vibration and low noise
(3)High pressure and high efficiency
(4)Simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly
(5)Small volume and lighe weight
(6)Slight wear and long life of the pump

The pumps are sealed generally by mechanical seal and driven by the motor through the claw coupling.

The driving and driven screw 16MnCrS5, 40Cr, 45, 38CrMoALA
Pump casing: HT200, QT450-10, ZCuSn10Pl, ZG270-500

Example of pump model
Eg: 3G25X4-46
3G: Three screw pump
25: Out-side dizmeter of the driving screw 25mm
4: Potch number of the screw
46: 46 pitch angle of the screw
R: Hezvy fuel oil
R: Light fuel oil
W: High temperature heated oil
N: High visc oil
A: Code of design improvement
S: Double suction

Technical parameter:
Flow: 0.4m3/h~200m3/h
Discharge pressure: 0.4Mpa~6Mpa
Speed: 720rpm~2900rpm
Temperature: 0 deg C to 150 deg C.

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