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Vertical Double Screw Pump

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Performance scope

1 The highest pressure 4.0MPa
2 Capacity range 1~1000m3/h
3 Temperature range -20~120º C
4 Thee ciscosity of the medium 1~3000mm2/s, when lower the speed of the rotation it can be up to 106mm2/s

The viscosity of the medium will largely influende the twin screw pump, the nominal discharge of the pump means the discharge under the certain ciscosity condition, in order to ensure the pump to work on the high efficiency working condition, wehn the test is not enough, we suggest to select the speed of the fotation according to the following viscosity.

The viscosity of the mediumcSt Speed r/min
<400 1500
400 ~1200 1000
1200~3600 750

When the viscosity of the medium is higher, the customer should contact with the manufacturer for the speed of rotation and motor power.

Application example

1 Oil field: Used as the multiphase mixed transporting pump and crude oil transporting pump and the like which can transport oil, gas, water, tiny solid particullate.
2 shipbuilding: Using as marine loading pump, ballast pump an sewage treatment pump, main machine lubricating pump and fuel oil pump.
3 Petrochemical industry: Using as loading and transporting pump which can transport all kinds of resin, pigment, paraffinwax, paint, rinting ink, emulsoid, all kinds of oil crude oil, hesvy oil and the like.
4 Power plant: Using as heavy oil, crude oil transporting pump, main machine lubricating pump.
5 Food industry: Using as transporting pump which can transport alcohol, honey, syryp, juide, fixde oil, milk, slurry oil.

Structure characteristics

This kind of pump adotp double-suction structure, both ends of screw are in the same pressure cavity, axial force an be balanced automatically. The bearing of both ends adopt external installing, an being lubricated a lone by using lubricate, so it won't be influenced bu the medium. A couple of synchronous gears are uwed to drive the screws, so the screws surface can't touch at all, an there is a tiny chearance between the two screws. The impurity in the meditm can not fray the screws surface directly(escept scour).

Except some less discharge ppumps (below the 2w. W 4.0), generally, internal safety valve will be installed on the pump body, when the discharge pressure is over the rated value, it will have certain protection function. There are two entrance-exit directions, one is horizontally enter and horizontally exit; The other is horizontally enter and vertically upwards exit; The user can choose according to thir own demands.

Constructional steel

II: Mainly adopting the martensitic corrosion resisting steel
III: Mainly adopting the austenite corrosion resisting steel
Material of the main parts

Material kind Parts name I II III
Pump casing 20 0Crl3 0Crl8Ni9
Drving, driven shaft 45 3Crl3 lCrl8Ni9
Screws 38CrMoAl 3Crl3 lCrl8Ni9
Insert QT600-3 ZGlCrl3 ZG0Crl8Ni9
If some other material needed, please consult with the manufacturer.

The main point must be considered when choosing pump.

1 Lubricity, degree of cleaning, corrosivity of the medium.
2 Viscosity, tenperature of the medium.
3 Then medium pressure of the entrance, exit and the installing heighe.
4 Explosive-proof demands of the servce field
5 When ordering the product, please note the specification, type design pressure, speed of rotation, nedium viscosity, temperature, motor explosive-proof class, medium neme.

Eg: 2W. W5.0-64-J-1, 1.0MPa, 980r/min,
Mdeium viscosity: 500cSt, 80º C, EXd2BT4
Mdeium: Heavy fuel oil
When choosing, certain escess amount should be left, in order to make it safety and dependable.

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