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Vertical Axial Mixed-Flow Pump


Performance Range : (50HZ and 60HZ)


1. Capacity : up to 1080000m3/h 

2. Head : up to42m
3. Speed : 250rpm to 3600rpm
4. Power : up to 7500kw

5. Voltage : 220V to 10000V
6. Temperature range : Within 55 Deg C

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Technical Advantage :

1. Installation mode
A. Single foundation: Pump and motor are installed on the same foundation with outlet above or below the foundation.
B. Double foundation: Pump and motor are installed respectively on their own foundations with outlet between these two foundations.
2. Pump can be classified into three types: Non-pullout, pullout and rotor type (with diffuser).
3. Pump impeller is classified into integral impeller and combined impeller.
4. The axial thrust of pump is borne by the anti-thrust bearing of motor or the thrust bearing of pump.
5. The pump bearing is rubber guide bearing (anti-abrasive, anti-corrosive and anti-seawater) and Thordon bearing. The pump shaft is usually equipped with protective tube in which clean pressure water will lubricate and clean the guide bearing. The flow of pressure water is controlled by capacity-relay to avoid damage to the bearing. When pump is used to deliver sewage or water with particles, the automatic-stall shaft seal device at the end of guide bearing in diffuser will prevent liquid entering the bearing after the stall.
6. Besides adopting anti-corrosive materials, the pump for delivering seawater is equipped with sacrificial anode and exterior power cathodal protection devices to prevent the pump parts from electrochemical corrosion.
7. The pump is driven by the motor through rigidity or flexible coupling.
8. There are two types of inlet: The usual bell-mouthed type and the modified ellipse frusta type.
Note: Materials of pump parts can be selected according to the features of pumping liquids.
This type of bearing and seal can be adapted according to customers' requirement~

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