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Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

1. Bigger flow rate, up to 1000 lpm.
2. Pilot-operated valve can be repaired during work, no nee to open the central body.
3. The epoxy coating. Can protect from bad wok condition. 
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  • Air Operated Diaphragm Pump-2014

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Product Introduction:
QBY/QBK series air operated diaphragm pumps' sizes vary from 3/8 to 4 inch inlet/outlet, The pump body is made of various material, including PP, acetal, PVDF, Al, SST, CI, etc, which with high quality and good-looking appearance, is very similar to Graco's, but much cheaper than it.
QBY/QBK series pneumatic diaphragm pump is the latest type at home currently, Simple structure, easy overhaul, stable transportation of fluid, low vibration, low noise, high self-absorption capacity and  transmission fluid viscosity, with many advantages from self-suction pump,submersible pumps,shielded pump,mud pumps,  and other transportation machineries. This pump adopts the compressed air as the power supply,It can be used to pump and suck up all liquids including various corrosive liquids,volatile,inflammable,explosive and virulent liquids with grains and high viscosity, Its performance parameters are similar as those of German WLLDENPUMPS and American MARIOWPUMPS.
Technology parameters:
Flow :0-30m3 / h;
Head :0-50m;
Diameter :10-100mm;
Working pressure: ≤ 0.6MPa;
temperature: ≤ 150 ℃

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