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Packaged Jockey Fire Pump

Performance Range : (50HZ and 60HZ)   According NFPA20

1. Capacity : up to 5000 m3/h  

2. Head : up to1000m
3. Speed : 560rpm to 3600rpm
4. Power : up to 1000kw

5. Voltage : 220V to 10000V

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Configuration :

A. Diesel Fire Pump + Electric Fire Pump + Jockey Pump

B. Diesel Fire Pump + Jockey Pump

C. Electric Fire Pump + Jockey Pump

1. Double suction split case centrifugal type

2. End-suction centrifugal type

3. Horizontal multistage centrifugal type

4. Vertical turbine pump with right angle gear box

5. Self-priming centrifugal pump

6. Jockey pump-vertical multistage centrifugal pump

Configuration and Brand :

1. Diesel engine: Cummings or China brand   (fan cool water radiator or heat exchange type)

2. Electric motor: SIEMENS, WEG, ABB or China brand  (IP55  IP54  IP44  IP23)

3. Mechanical seal: Burgmann,John crane or China brand

4. Bearing: SKF,NSK,TNT or China brand

5. Coupling type: Pin,diaphragm,cardan link

6. Control panel:ABB,SIEMENS,Schneider or China brand

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