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NYP series internal gear pump is a kind of new positive displacement pump, and is designed according to the different fields' requirements of petroleum, chemical industry, paint, medicine, foodstuff and so on. It widely applies to a variety of mediums with different property and viscosity because of special structure and selected different pump's materials.

Proper medium temperature: -10 centrigrade~200 centi-degree.
Proper medium viscosity: 1.0cSt~300, 000cSt

Work principle
Driving gear (outside rotor)with internal tooth drives the internal rotor and turns in same direction in the full closed pump body. The inlet from the outlet. When it turns, negative pressure formed at the suction port, the liquid inlet and being take to the outlet by rotor, then the liquid is impelled from the discharge port and the gears mesh. The transportation of liquid finished.

1)Steady delivery without pulsation, little vibration and noise.
2)Outstanding self-priming ability.
3)The pump can deliver the varied corrosion mediums if the proper material of parts selected. In addition, the working temperature can reach 200 centi-degree.
4)The same rotary direction of internal rotor and outside rotor results in little wear and long operation life.
5)The pump's flow capacity can be changed through adjusting the speed.
6)It's specially suited to deliver high viscosity medium.

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