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Fire Pump Control Panel

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frequency conversion contron starting
three phase imbalance
short circuit
water shotage protection
dry-run protection
The scope of Application
ATQD series frequency conversion control cabinet is designed by adopting advanced technology. With built-in PIC controller, it can automatically adjust the pump’s rotating speed and switching according to pipeline pressure, liquid level and fow rate. This powerful cabinet could protects the whole set from shot cricuit, phase failure, overload, three phase imbalance, water shortage,ect
The Advantages of Equipment
1. It is suitable for regular pump, sewage pump, realizing the control of as many as 7 pumps.
2. Control module integrates internally with clock chip. Also, the frequency power is equipped with it, which is more convenient to control regularly.
3. You can set the pressure during the eight different time period to satisfy the needs of actual water supply.
4. Save energy in dormancy status; regular operating rotation; low flow rate automatic stop.
5. Preventing secondary pollution by examining and controlling the inlet liquid level.
6. Protect functions of pipeline overpressure/subpressure, liquid level, flow rate; and automatically record and switch the faulted pumps
7. Supply the standard RS232 and RS485 serial communication interface, which adopts ModBus international standard communication protocol.
Working condition
1 Power: three-phase four-wire system 380V(-15%~+10%), 50Hz
2 Temperature: -5°C~ +40°C
3 Altitude: ≤2000m
4 Monthly average relative humidity: ≤90% (monthly average temperature:25°C)
5 The environment with explosive medium, conductive dust and corrosive gas which may destroy metal and device’s insulation is absolutely forbided.
6 Vertical installation angle: ≤5°
Water supplying projects and fire fighting in high-rise, residence community, enterprise and public institution
Recycling system of central air condition and dual water supply system
Industrial and mining establishments process water supplying, such as cooling water recycling, boiler water supplying system
Constant pressure system in oil pipeline ,oil house, oil pump station,etc
Waterworks, water supply pump station
Sewage and wastewater disposal
Large square, park grasslandand and farmland irrigation and drainage system

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