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Cement Concrete Pump

electric portable cement concrete pump

Characteristics of Engineering Method

1 Ready-mixed concrete and pumping technology is to achieve the construction industry, construction mechanization and professional production of important ways to change the traditional on-site scattered mixing small production methods, and can solve the construction site is narrow, difficult to pile material problem. In this case,

2 mechanized construction of a higher degree, reducing the labor intensity. In this case,

3 concrete transportation and pouring continuous, high efficiency, fast progress of the project. In this case,

4 pumping process of concrete quality requirements more stringent, easy to ensure the quality of the project. In this case,

5 can reduce the presence of on-site mixing of dust, waste water, mud and other environmental pollution, to achieve civilized construction. In this case,

3. Scope This method applies to the height of 200m below the cast-in-place concrete works. In this case,

4. Principle of the process Through the appropriate aggregate gradation, the amount of cement and the appropriate admixture, admixture to improve the water retention of concrete, bleeding, stability and cohesiveness, in order to achieve the performance of pumping concrete performance requirements: Pumped concrete pump pressure in the promotion of the same cross-section of the particle motion for constant speed to ensure the continuity of work.

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