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Jiangsu Hengmao Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. offers a conducive working environment where a group of creative and ambitious people are given challenging opportunities, recognition for achievement, job enrichment and the maximum responsibility. Everyone does his or her best to collaborate with each other to build a more competitive Hengmao and build the business of our clients.

Hengmao Team boasts of famous engineers with advanced expertise and skills in formaldehyde and its downstream industry. Among the 200 staffs, there are 10 senior engineers, 15 engineers, 10 assistant engineers, 16 technicians, and they account for 1/4 of the faculty. Besides, there are 30 qualified welders with pressure vessel welding certificates.

Zhang Zhongliang

He is the deputy general manager of Jiangsu Hengmao and a pioneer in China's formaldehyde industry. He has personally taken charge of hundreds of turnkey projects of industrial plants at home and abroad. His main achievements include the first set of reaction distillation plant for producing methylal in China, the first set of high-concentration formaldehyde plant in China and the first set of methanol-free formaldehyde plant in China.

Hu Qizhong

He is the general consultant and chief chemical expert of Jiangsu Hengmao. As a banner in China's formaldehyde industry, he has won the National Science Conference Award and enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council of PRC.

Xiang Jiayong

He is the deputy general engineer of Jiangsu Hengmao. He is specialized in the R&D, design, construction and production of products such as polyformaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde and methylal. He has engaged in the first set of reaction distillation plant for producing methylal in China and the first set of high-concentration methylal plant in China.

Shan Xinhua

As a senior welding engineer, she has engaged in pressure vessel work including design, process, welding, testing and quality assurance for many years. She has been accredited as NDT Technician and the QA Engineer and ISO9000 Internal Auditor.