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Whether an enterprise is good or bad depends on the quality in its management, products and service, and finally on the quality in its employees. The process evolving from product competition to cultural competition has made us fully aware that the essence of market competition is just the talent competition. It's capital to win in the market competition to give full play to and dig out talents' potential. AOLI regards talents as its development basis and endow "talents' with the meaning "difference" and the concept "level". In our opinions, a talent shall mean a person who identifies values and concepts of his company, has a strong sense of direction, high working passion and a capacity of creating a boundaryless organization and inspiring the group wisdom of his team, and is keen in judging and decision-making and extremely executive.

Every employee is useful on his/her post. Our company will find strengths of every employee fully and give him/her the right niche to give full play to his/her ability.

Implementing such a talent concept: based on talents and give full play to their ability, we always stand on a strategic height to respect knowledge and talents all the more to create a harmonious atmosphere with equal competition, mutual respect and common progress.